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Market Update - August 26, 2011

This has a been the best week in the market in about 2 months with the S&P 500 moving up about 4.9% and bonds falling just shy of 1%.  I would suspect most balanced, yet conservative portfolios should finish today up between 1%-3% as a result.

Per the video above I think the market move for the week is positive as it relates to the long term prospects for investors.  That said, we do need to remain cautious.  Not only are technical levels still fragile (while improved though) but the economy is statistically starting to really sputter.

As a result a smart investor should remain cautiously invested.  If the market can break above 1,200 (it's at roughly 1,172 right now) then I believe there could be a 10% or greater rally coming.  If it falls below 1,150 I would suspect it will fall quickly to 1,100 and if it doesn't stop there go another 10% or more lower.

So goes choppy markets.

Thanks for checking out this update.  I'll be back with more next week.  In the interim - have a wonderful weekend and feel welcome to use the comment feature below the post if you have any questions or insight to add.


Jason Wenk

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