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Stock Markets Reaction to the US Debt Ceiling Being Raised

This morning the stock market was in a freefall, down over 1.5% here in the US.  It was looking like investors were panicking and selling their stocks and stock mutual funds.  While I think there's a chance the markets could go lower, it's definitely not time to panic.  I shot this short video below to show visually what I'm talking about and the levels we should be watching for to see if this is just a short term correction or something larger that could go on for awhile.  Ironically about the time I shot this video the market bottomed for the day and finished positive (all indexes but the Dow Jones Industrial Average).  You'll see that my commentary was spot on for the day - and I'll keep you all posted as the recent selling trend develops.  If you've got questions just use the comment box at the bottom of the post to let me know and I'll publish the reply for all to benefit.

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