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Market Update - September 9, 2011 - The importance of trusting your system

In today's video I share the "numbers" of why I've been following certain long term indicators of the markets direction.  I also provide a lite recap of where various market averages are YTD and some direction as to what we'll be doing this month to protect our client portfolios.

As always, I'm sharing this for informational purposes only - and while I reference a simple mechanism for avoiding major market declines it's important that investors know that no system is perfect and cannot in and of itself protect portfolios from loss.

That said, in the video I do show how even very good systems that in retrospect would have been very helpful in avoiding the largest and most painful market declines do still have times where they catch the first 10-20% of a decline as well as occasionally miss market gains.  But in the end having a sound system that removes emotion does prove to be worthwhile - and in the video I show exactly what this particular system is suggesting the market will do right now [hint: it's not good unless you're prepared].

Enjoy the video and I'll be sure to put at least one update online next week.

Have a great weeekend,

Jason Wenk

Market Update - September 19, 2011

Tactical Asset Allocation - My Way

Tactical Asset Allocation - My Way