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Market Update - November 4, 2011

While the stock market continues to be indecisive there have been some recent developments that are beginning to offer a glimpse of what lies ahead.  Key levels in the S&P 500 have yet to be held and a clear downtrend over the past 6 months is very clear.  While the market has risen about 10% in the last month if it can't break out another 3-5% and hold it I would think there is a very high probability the gains of October could be wiped out before year end.

In today's video I show the key levels - and also show why I think gold looks like a much better growth investment for the next few months than stocks.  If you have any questions always feel welcome to use the comment feature on my blog, or if you get this via email just hit reply and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Lastly, if you're a client of my firm you may have noticed we're in the process of updating our online account reporting website.  These updates should be done in another 5-10 days.  As soon as everything has been updated I'll write a post showing the updates in action and let you know how to get back to viewing your accounts online.


Jason Wenk

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