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Market Update - December 29, 2011

This will be the last update for 2011.  I hope your year was great and 2012 will be even better - which shouldn't be hard for most investors.

In this video I revisit how difficult it's been for the S&P 500 to definitely break into a new bull market.  Despite a strong finish (thus far) to the year, the most recent rally only comes off from a selloff and as of today the rally has yet to bring the market to a new high.

This pattern has been occurring now for the past 6 months and has more than frustrating for investors.  The good news though is we are likely only weeks (or less) away from a clear breakout to one direction or another.  At that time it will be much easier for investors (and managers like myself) to position portfolios profitably whether the next move is up or down.

Thanks for being a valued reader/watcher of my blog.  May you have a blessed and safe New Year.



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