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Merry Christmas!

I hope this post finds all my blog readers well and having enjoyed a fantastic Christmas. I've been busy the past couple weeks with client meetings and year end preparations - but will return to my usual blog updates of at least once per week soon enough.  In the next week I'll be posting my 2011 year in review as well as my forecasts for 2012.  We'll revisit some charts I've used throughout this past year, update the recession probability analytics (RPA), as well as the monthly Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) feature.

No matter how squirrely the financial markets get, no matter how frustrating it is dealing with our often maligned government economic policy, and no matter how bad (or conflicting) of shape the financial media reports the world is in - this is a great time of year to take stock in how blessed most of us really are.

I know I am.  As just the tip of the iceberg I have family, friends, health, and wonderful clients to be thankful for.

Best wishes for the New Year and thank you for all the support of my blog.

Warm Regards,

Jason Wenk

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