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Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) Monthly Feature for February 2012

Tactical Asset Allocation (TAA) Monthly Feature for February 2012

Below are the most up to date allocations for the Tactical Asset Allocation model I've written about on the blog.  For those needing a refresher on what TAA is and why I think it's important as part of an investment plan just click here to revisit the first post. [table id=6 /]

For the 5 months I've been publishing this research the model has proved quite resilient in providing a diversified way to get market upside with limited downside.  Outside of December 2011 the other 4 months have been smooth and steady despite a rather turbulent market.

In January the model benefited significantly from Gold and recovered nicely from a poor prior month.  February saw some new additions to the model in terms of the allocation, venturing into Stocks and Real Estate for the first time since last October.  This has proven worthwhile (so far) as both Stocks and Real Estate have risen in value while Gold and Bonds are relatively flat for February (as of this writing).

For those that want to track the performance of this model here's the most up to date info:

[table id=5 /]

To see how performance is measured just check out the static page on TAA here.

As mentioned in past posts I'll update this model/strategy each month roughly 1 week into each new month.  This way scalpers can't just steal the research as their own and other financial professionals can't simply use the research to manage their clients money.

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One final note for today.

As readers of my blog know I've done a few reviews of some annuities lately here.  A client recently asked for an in-depth review of an annuity they purchased a few years ago from another advisor - so expect my first Variable Annuity review in the coming weeks.  I share this just as a reminder to others to let me know if there's any product they'd like to see an independent review on.

It's amazing how different financial products look when really broken down statistically as I do when compared to the fancy product marketing materials and sales pitches make them sound by commission focused sales people.  So whether there's an investment you already have or one your considering - keep them coming my way and I'll do my best to share the real pros and cons.

Thanks for checking out this post and have a great balance to your weekend.


Jason Wenk


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