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Market Update - May 14, 2012

Hello - Today I have a quick video update looking at the recent drop in the stock market.  All told the S&P 500 is close to 7% off its high for 2012 and in the midst of a 5.5% drop in the last 9 days alone.

In my last video commentary I warned this could (and probably would) happen and that my view was the S&P could drop as low as 1,310 before finding some solid footing.  I know this from studying market patterns that have existed for many, many years.  It also makes it easier to forecast a market correction because for the past 40 years the market has performed significantly better October to April than May to September.  I've had some requests on this "sell in May" phenomon so expect some very nerdy statistics on it shortly!

Without further ado - here's the video commentary:

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Jason Wenk

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