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Market Update - August 27, 2013 - So Really, is the Market Now Correcting?

2013 has so far been without an actual market correction. Sure, there have been a couple very minor 2% to 5% pull backs, but nothing really major. For the most part, US Stocks have been the best game in town and roared to double digit gains without much resistance. However, the past couple weeks there have been some interesting developments. In today's market update video I show why the current (little) pull back is important, as well as where I think it will fall to (and when) should it not turn on a dime and continue the rally.

In the video I point out that September has historically been the worst calendar month for stocks. More to come on that before the end of August. I also expect to have my Economic Indicator (RPA) published in the next couple of days. Stay tuned!!


Jason Wenk

Recession Probability Update (RPA) - September 2013

Is This Finally the Real Market Correction?

Is This Finally the Real Market Correction?