Jason Wenk is a fintech executive, writer, self-proclaimed math geek, and investment systems developer.

Coming out of a small town of under 500 in Michigan, Jason joined Morgan Stanely at 19 as one of the youngest employees in the firm’s history, working on investment research and asset management systems development.

Jason entered the industry with a technology background, and one of his first experiences was to watch the stock market implode following 9/11.

“I saw firsthand what that did to people. It ruined retirements. It was devastating to a lot of people.”

He also witnessed how poorly the everyday investor was treated. This motivated him to set off on his own and build FormulaFolios: quantitative, computer-driven investment models that remove emotion from investing.

FormulaFolios’ Southern California office.

FormulaFolios’ Southern California office.

These portfolios were offered by his own RIA, Retirement Wealth Advisors. FormulaFolios would later develop into a standalone investment firm and go onto rank as a fastest-growing private company by Inc. magazine 4 years in a row, reaching as high as #10 in 2017.

As founder and CEO, Jason was awarded GRBJ Newsmaker of the Year in 2016 and 2017 (finance category) and was named an EY Entrepreneur of the Year in 2018.


What Jason values most about the success of his companies is the opportunities it creates and the platform it provides to do more good in the world,

“As the founder of the company, it’s way too easy to just think of the company as a vessel for profits. It’s harder to think of all the good things you can do, which are far more important. Our clients realize that it’s not just a job to us. This is something we’re really passionate about: truly making a difference in not only every client’s life but also the lives of the people who work here and the community we’re in. That’s what it means to be doing good.”


Jason is also a prolific speaker and mentor to financial advisors across the country. Most recently, he founded Altruist where he currently acts as CEO. Altruist is an LA fintech company that's making investing fair for everyone, allowing real people to make more while paying less.